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Take Control of Your SAT and ACT Test Scores

ePrep is a leading innovator in standardized test preparation and features online, video-based courses with expert instruction.


Founded by a team of Princeton University graduates, ePrep is the most affordable, expert way to maximize your standardized test scores.

Why ePrep Courses are Better?

  • ePrep features full-length practice tests that you can take whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you—day or night, at home or on the road.

  • ePrep courses include hundreds of videos with teaching experts actually demonstrating how to solve practice problems.

  • ePrep Analytics™—ePrep’s adaptive diagnostic tool—will do more than grade your tests.  As you work through the course, it will continually analyze your potential, direct your efforts, and track your progress. 

  • ePrep WordSmith™ is an interactive vocabulary builder that actually makes learning words easy and fun.

No other online or classroom course can compare to the value and effectiveness of ePrep.

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